Product Details

What sets your products apart from others?

As a clothing brand, we take pride in offering you fashionable, high-end clothing options that enhance your appearance. Each item reflects our exquisite craftsmanship, top-notch materials, and unwavering commitment to quality.

How can I choose the right size when shopping for clothes?

Once you have selected your favorite attire, you can go to the description menu of the product and check the sizes available.

How to use the gift cards/ coupon codes when shopping with Fashion Celestia?

If you have a gift card or coupon code, you can avail of its benefits on the checkout page.

What should I do if the product I am interested in is unavailable?

If you are interested in buying a product but it is not available at that point, you can contact the customer support team. They will update you about its tentative availability date.

Service Return

Do you offer repair services for damaged items?

Yes, at Fashion Celestia, we provide repair services for damaged goods. You can connect with our customer care support for detailed information about the process.

If damaged items are received, do we need to take them to the repair center, or will your team provide pick-and-drop service?

Firstly, we make sure that all our products are properly packed so there is no mishap. However, if there is a case where the item gets damaged, we provide pick and drop service.

Can I track the repair item status?

Yes, it is possible to track the repair item status. To do so, you need to check the email ID you used to create a profile on our website.

Are your products covered under any warranty service?

No, none of our products are covered under a warranty service.

Orders and tracking

How can I track my order?

If you have made a purchase with Fashion Celestia, you can easily track your order. On-site tracking is an option in this regard.

What is the procedure for informing the customer if an order is canceled after confirmation?

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, if we have to cancel your order after confirmation, you will be notified via Fashion Celestia’s official email ID.

Can I change the delivery address after the shipment?

No, once your product is shipped, it is not possible to change the delivery address. So, be careful when filling out the delivery address section.

If my item gets damaged in transit, how can I return or refund it?

If your ordered item gets damaged in transit, you can connect with our customer care support. They will assist you throughout the process.